Location of Apartamentos RIVAS

c/ La Gurona nº 31, La Calera.

Valle Gran Rey 38870

La Gomera - Islas Canarias






How to get to Apartamentos Rivas

If you are travelling by car or taxi, you can leave the car at La Pista. Public parking is marked in blue. Follow the green path along Calle La Gurona,  go past the El Mirador restaurant and the shop called Victor, until you reach Apartamentos Rivas. This route has no stairs.

If you are travelling by bus or you leave your car at the the Bus-Taxi zone in the lower area, follow the turquoise path. This route has approximately 100 steps, so it is less suitable for use when carrying luggage. 


El Tiempo en Valle Gran Rey


Apartamentos RIVAS c/La Gurona nº31, La Calera
Valle Gran Rey. 38870
La Gomera- Islas Canarias
+34.922805423 apto.rivas@gmail.com